About us


The portal you visit is a combined effort, honoris causa, for the work and vision of Professor Georgios I. Athanasopoulos, born and raised at Garea and Magoula Tegeas (area with small villages near Tripolis, the capital of the Prefecture of Arcadia in Greece), and with long presence in the educational and cultural life of Greece. He taught Statistics and Mathematics at the University Industrial School of Peireus (now called University of Peireus), published journals, bulletins and a newspaper of ecclesiastical and theological content, founded a local school for poor children and young adults, teaching mathematics, statistics, use of computers and the basics of byzantine music for more than 30 years for free, and was a cantor and delivered sermons at the Orthodox Church of Holy Trinity in Kamateron till his very late age and eventually his death in 2015, again on a voluntary basis

Athanasopouleion Cultural Foundation is a vision of culture and education having three pillars:

a) education in secondary and tertiary level,

b) emphasis on Orthodox Christian Life and Orthodox Spirituality, Theology and Philosophy,

c) promotion of voluntarism and organisation of the local society so as to deal effectively with important current social and cultural challenges (e.g., globalisation, emergence of new technologies, corruption of social institutions etc.).

In our web pages, you can find videos and audio files with lectures from important figures in Philosophy and Orthodox Theology; Conferences on the work of St Gregory Palamas; video-recorded Hierarchical Divine Liturgies and other Orthodox Holy Services with the participation of important Byzantine Cantors; and links to two web radios: one with recordings related to Philosophical Practice and another with recordings related to Orthodox Theology. Also, you can find a link to our educational distance learning platform with our distance learning programmes. You can find further details about us, our collaborators and on how you can help our work in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).