the personal webpage of a greek philosopher and philosophical counselling

What is Philosophical counselling

Philosophy as friendship for wisdom refers not only to one's love for wisdom, but also to his/her love for man and his/her future. Philosophical counselling is not a psychological nor a psychiatric counselling practice, but it uses principles and the methodology of all the social, psychological, educational, humanistic and physical sciences for the help and the support of people, organizations and companies that believe that can be profited from such counselling in the discovery of moral, spiritual limits and criteria which shall assist them to overcome the difficulties that face them or to deal with success and globally various problems of direction and identity in the time-space continuum.

On what kind of problems I can be of assistance?

Contact me for a first meeting as soon as possible! Perhaps the solution to your problem is with me. I can visit you wherever you are (Europe, Asia, Americas, Australia). I can give you receipt for provision of services for tax purposes.

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