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Curriculum Vitae

Detailed description of my Curriculum Vitae

Summary of Curriculum Vitae

Academic qualifications:

Teaching Experience:

15 years (10 of which in English speaking Universities, using English as the language of instruction and examination)

Books Published in Greek:

Books Published in English:

Papers Published in Refereed Journals and Volumes of Proceedings:

Entries in Encyclopedias of Philosophy

Areas of Specialisation:

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind and Language, Ethics, Epistemology, Philosophy and Orthodox Theology.

Areas of Competence:

Philosophy of Law, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Ethics, Medical Ethics, Business Ethics, Philosophy of Culture and Civilisation, Philosophy of History, Philosophical Practice, Philosophy of Education.

Time periods of competence and specialisation:

Ancient Greek Philosophy, Medieval and Byzantine Philosophy, Contemporary British Analytic and Continental (French, German and Greek) Philosophy.

IT Skills:

IT Skills: Website construction and maintenance, competent user of all Microsoft Office and all major e-mail software. Use and creation of VLEs (Moodle, DOKEOS). Use of all major web based teleconferencing and video streaming software (Flashmeeting, Elluminate, Skype, Ustream, Livestream; I have my own channel in Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/user3320886 ).

Fluency in Languages:

Fluency in Languages: English and Greek (excellent). Latin (very good). French and German (competency for research purposes).

Experience in Teaching Methodology:

Experience in traditional University Lectures/Exam work and course preparation (10 years in Scotland, Greece, Italy); experience in Open and Long Distance University Education (8 years in Greece and Scotland). Managing and supporting successfully the IOCS Distance Learning Programme (Certificate and Diploma) (rapid growth and high retention rates from October 2009 till August 2012).

Interdisciplinary Approach:

Teaching experience in other than Philosophy University Departments (3 years in Greece and 1 in Italy). Teaching and managing a Distance Learning Programme in Orthodox Theology.

Present Employment

Associate Lecturer, Course: AA308- Thought and Experience- OU- Scotland.

Professional Development

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